Authentic Edomae Sushi

Awarded three Michelin stars

Awarded three Michelin stars each year since 2014, Shikon by Yoshitake is Hong Kong’s quintessential Tokyo sushi experience. The restaurant is the first branch restaurant of three-starred Sushi Yoshitake in Ginza, founded by legendary master chef Masahiro Yoshitake.

A Transportive Culinary Journey

From the moment one enters the restaurant on the 7th floor of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, extraordinary lengths are taken to provide guests with not only world-class cuisine, but a complete cultural experience.  Each day, the finest fresh ingredients are flown to Hong Kong live from Tokyo’s famed Toyosu market. Guests enjoy watching Japanese master chefs craft seasonal sushi delicacies from just across a beautiful, centuries-old, hinoki counter imported from Japan, while surrounded by refined Japanese art, antiques and serving ware.

We Love Sake

Our passion for Japanese sake is exemplified by our collection.  Our list has been specially curated to complement the seasonal delicacies of our sushi menus.  Included are representations from some of the world’s most exclusive breweries, as well as special selections uniquely available in Hong Kong at Shikon by Yoshitake.

Chef Kakinuma

Shikon by Yoshitake is overseen by executive chef Yoshiharu Kakinuma.  Chef Kakinuma’s relationship with Chef Yoshitake goes back decades to when he served as a young apprentice to Mr. Yoshitake, early in his career.  Nominated to helm the restaurant in Hong Kong in 2013, Chefs Kakinuma and Yoshitake work together closely to ensure that the menu and guest experience at Shikon by Yoshitake are consistent with the exemplary standards of Mr. Yoshitake’s flagship restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo.