The premium Ginza sushi experience is the only opportunity in the world where the master chef prepares dishes for each customer standing just a meter away. By tradition, the counter, made from ancient keyaki and weighing 500 kilograms, is two chopsticks in width to preserve the balance between the server and the patron.

Sushi Shikon offers a single course menu. The course starts with appetizers to whet the taste, and then passes into sushi, seafood on vinegared rice, starting with delicate dishes and gradually moving into more powerful ingredients. To sustain the rhythm of the meal from the cut, to the placement of the fish on the rice, to placement on the counter, the sushi must be consumed within thirty seconds of it appearing in front of the customer.

The meal is planned daily around the best ingredients in season, and composed like a symphony. The menu is set, but flexible enough to match individual tastes, so please let the restaurant know beforehand if you have any dislikes or allergies. If there are any dishes you particularly enjoy, feel free to order an “encore” at the end of the meal.

Likewise, the drink menu has been carefully designed to accommodate the dishes. You may choose between fine sake, wine by the bottle, wine by the glass or tea.


Shokunin 職 Artisan

The “Shokunin” is the “master chef” and the only person allowed to touch the fish or the rice. An apprentice must wait ten years before he is allowed to prepare a single course. This is not an issue of tradition or feudal hierarchy; it takes that long before a student can begin to respect and achieve harmony with each product. The main characteristic of the “shokunin” is the burning desire to repeat the same activity day after day for decades with the same passion, creativity, intensity and consistency.

Umami 旨 Savoriness

Umami is the first scientifically acknowledged new taste in over a millennium. Understanding and extracting this taste from raw ingredients is the mission of the “master chef.” From the stock of the soup (出汁), to the rice, to the green horseradish (山葵) to the fish, different aspects of “umami” must be achieved in each course.

Sabaku 裁 Cut

The greatest steel in the world is achieved by the Japanese knife maker and each chef is accompanied by the same blade for decades. In ancient China, Taoism describes the process not of cutting a fish but in sensing the mystic space in the fish, placing the blade between the slices and separating them with no resistance.

Shimeru 締 Dress

This is the balance between the fish, the fisherman, the fish market and the chef. This unbroken chain is determined by how the fish is caught, dressed, moved, identified at auction, cut and then reserved exclusively for the chef who grasps the process. Different fish communicate with different “shokunin”, and the ability of the master chef to understand the selected fish is the mark of great sushi.

Wa 和 Harmony

The success of each dish is a function of the harmony between the ingredients, the “master chef” and the customer. As with a great cocktail or a musical ensemble, all of the components must have a seamless unity that is comprehended and appreciated by the guest. Anticipation, realization and fulfillment are the pillars of a successful culinary experience and can only be achieved if the food, the creator and the guest are synchronized. Fine sushi is a cultural event, unlike painting or antique pottery, and requires participation to be culminated.


Sake is the traditional accompaniment to sushi and we have prepared a very unique list of the rarest and most difficult sakes to acquire. Some are so rare, there are only single bottles and are available but not on the list. Ask the chef.

As well the greatest French wines, all 100 points or very close are available for the wine lover who just wants to enjoy a great bottle with fine food. One of the finest lists in the world, take your pick!


Sushi Shikon offers an ideal setting for lunch meetings or celebrations. You may utilize the private room with wifi and A/V capabilities for your pivotal presentation, and then relax at the 8-seat sushi counter over an unforgettable dining experience. 

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The restaurant is overseen by executive chef Yoshiharu Kakinuma, Hong’s Kong’s first Three- Michelin Star Japanese Chef.

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Take a visual tour of our restaurant, dishes and ingredients.  

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