The Pleasure of Sushi

Please follow this guide for enjoying fine sushi.

1. Feel free to ask the chef questions at any time!

2. Sushi Shikon is an intimate setting with only eight seats. Awareness of, and respect for fellow guests will help everyone enjoy the unique Shikon experience.

3. It is ideal to eat the sushi within 30 seconds after it has been served. The temperature of the “shari” sushi rice is adjusted by the chef for different fish, so the sushi is at its tastiest just after serving.

4. Using one’s hands to eat the sushi pieces is recommended because the chef can serve the “shari” sushi rice at a softer consistency. Using chopsticks to eat sushi is also fine. As the rice is served at a slightly different consistency depending on which method is used; the chef will observe which method the guests prefer, and adjust the rice accordingly.

5. The small strips of ginger are served as a palette cleanser; eat one or two pieces between servings of different fish to cleanse the palette as needed.

6. If there is any food you don’t care for or can’t eat, please inform the staff before the meal.

7. Different sauces and amounts of wasabi (green horseradish) are ideal for each ingredient, and will usually be applied to the portion when it is served. If sauces and wasabi are provided separately, please use as an additional accent depending on individual tastes.

8. The chef has carefully designed the balance of each meal, so it is not necessary to order individual sushi pieces. Please wait until the end of the meal if you wish to request additional pieces from the chef.

9. Please be aware that strong fragrances such as tobacco and heavy perfume in a narrow space can have a negative impact on the occasion for others.

10. Sweetened soft drinks overwhelm the delicate flavors of sushi and can disturb the ambience for the other customers and the chef. For these reasons soft drinks are not served and we ask that guests not bring soft drinks to the restaurant. For those who do not drink alcohol we have fantastic teas available as well as mineral water.

11. If the portions of sushi are too large, rather than bite them into pieces, please ask the chef and he will be happy to cut them for you.

12. The wasabi can be applied directly to the fish, it is not necessary to mix wasabi in with the soy sauce.


Sushi Shikon offers an ideal setting for lunch meetings or celebrations. You may utilize the private room with wifi and A/V capabilities for your pivotal presentation, and then relax at the 8-seat sushi counter over an unforgettable dining experience. 

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The restaurant is overseen by executive chef Yoshiharu Kakinuma, Hong’s Kong’s first Three- Michelin Star Japanese Chef.

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Take a visual tour of our restaurant, dishes and ingredients.  

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